Must Be Air Popped

27 Nov

This morning three Republican senators on the intelligience committee (profoundly ironic) came out of a meeting requested by Amb. Susan Rice, whose innacurate early accounts of the Benghazi attack on tv news shows were compared by one of them, Lindsay Graham, to the Iran-Contra affair, to give statements to the press (big surprise).

But it isn’t Graham’s ridiculous statement, where he compares relaying incorrect information, after first cautioning that it was early in the investigative process and that information might change, with a series of felony crimes committed at the highest levels of government, or Senator McCain’s desprerate attempt to create a select committee with him at the head, so as to maintain his power in the Senate after January 1st, when term limits on his chairmanship will render him irrelevant.

What I found interesting was the demeanor of the third and most junior Senator, Kelly Ayotte.  She was scared. Either that or she really had to pee. Normally, she is poised in front of the cameras, but she seemed nervous and cornered.

Is she fearful this is a mistake politically, to try to run the standard “borking” of a potential cabinet appointee at a time when Americans want Congress to deal with fiscal issues?

Ayotte, who is young and theoretically has a political future, is following some old farts down a bad road. She is participating in yet another attack on an Obama appointee that is a person of color. Although the President invited Senators McCain and Graham to “come after me” they lack the guts, or for that matter, anything to actually go after him about. What the Republicans have done is go after every Obama appointee that is black. Starting with Van Jones, then Shirley Shirrod, AG Eric Holder and now Susan Rice.

So they run this tired old game on Ambassador Rice. Once again in 2012, the republicans seem to think it’s 1992. Rally the old white men!

Ayotte fears attacking another black Obama appointee, and a woman, continues to marginalize her party. With Lindsay Graham blowing the racial dog whistle, questioning openly the intelligience of Ambassador Rice, a Rhodes scholar, compared to Graham himself, a lawyer with an undergrad degree in Psych from South Carolina.

Indeed Senator Ayotte is nervous. She’s following the same playbook that saw her party boot chances to gain the Senate in the last two cycles. She may be having a hard time holding the line, something Republicans always do, when she sees oblivion on the horizon. 

Senator McCain is old, will always be a war hero, and he’s proven to be most adept at shifting positions. And after he finally loses a primary challenge from the right, Senator Graham can retire and then gracefully come out of the closet and write his memoir.

But Ayotte is young, she’s only been in the Senate since 2010.

She could simply disappear, as demographics indicate her current party eventually will.


“How can a brown Cow eat green grass and give white milk?” 

This was the question posed to me by my father when I was a child. It has troubled me these many years.

And finally I found the answer, from the only place it could come, my childhood.

Saturday morning I tivo’ed Rawhide in order to hear the theme song. For some reason, I felt like hearing it again, and there in the verses I found the answer to the question “How can a brown cow eat green grass and give white milk?”

Movin’, movin’, movin’, though they’re disapprovin’, keep those dogies movin’, Rawhide!

Don’t try to understand ’em, just ride ’em, rope and brand ’em….

And there it is, there’s the answer to the age old question….just get the milk, fool!


Several predominately white Southern states have shown an interest in secession. A quick use of the Google shows these states, as are most red states, are takers.

They depend on taking more money from the federal government than they pay in.

I say, let these welfare states like Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina and Georgia go! Not only can we use the money we spend supporting these unproductive states to close the debt, but we can tax goods going in to them and get some of the money that taxpayers in states like Massachusetts and California have sent them. Just so they could produce substandard educational systems and provide inadequate healthcare to their citizens.

Money sent to red states finds its way into the pockets of fat cats.

I say let them go.


Said to the press by Sen. Lindsay Graham this morning;  “Sometimes you’re pressured into giving an answer, but if you don’t know, you just shouldn’t answer the question.”

While he appeared to be talking about Ambassador Rice and Meet the Press, I thought I heard someone in the background yell out…”Senator, are you gay?”


If America as a whole ranks 17th in educational acheivement, where does Mississippi rank against countries like Cuba and Viet Nam?


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