More Unpopped Kernels

21 Nov

Just finished watching a rerun of the Daily Show from Nov. 7th. Say what you want about politics, the presence of the truly bat shit crazy on the national stage, while it may endanger the very future of mankind’s survival on this planet,  may be worth it just for the jokes.


A few days after the election I saw a blurb about an industry study that said America would be the world’s largest exporter of energy by 2020. I’m skeptical about the energy boom. Beyond the need to get off fossil fuels for the sake of the planet, it just seems like a hustle. Suddenly we have all these new energy sources. Well yeah, as long as you’re willing to pay these kind of prices, we can make money getting this stuff out of the ground.

It’s all predicated on being willing to pay the ever rising cost of a fossil fuel economy.

This fracking stuff seems sketchy, as well. Fracking replaces the oil and gas in the ground with fresh water, and some chemicals.

Well, if you think about it, we’re already paying more for designer bottled water than gasoline. As water becomes more and more scarce, something you can see happening, we’ll be trying to force it out of the ground using gas and oil.


Some things are going to change. Newscorp, owner of Fox News, is in trouble in Britain and thanks to Jimmy Carter,  they likely will be here eventually. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, passed under the Carter Administration, opens Newscorp up to all kinds of Justice Dept. investigation, as the crimes they commited in the UK, phone hacking, bribery, murder, ok, not murder but bad stuff, make there way accross the pond. And they will, they will, mwah, hah, hah, hah.

I like the Brits. Scooter Libby got his sentence commuted for outing a covert agent. In the UK, Rebekah Brooks is accused of approving the tapping of Posh Beckham’s phone, and is facing thirth years in jail!

Now that is how you run a goddam empire!


Heard a good one.

Is Mitt Romney the current Republican party’s Hubert Humphrey?

The retread guy that was kind of inevitable but that the party base just wasn’t really too excited about? A guy identified with the same old establishment type party apparatchiks.

Tired old blood?

It leads to an interesting question.

Will the Republicans follow up their Hubert Humphrey in the next cycle by nominating their version of George McGovern?


More trouble in the Mideast. Why do Palestinian militants fire rockets into Israel from Gaza? Is it as simple as the inevitable Israeli response will cause collateral damage, ensuring future generations will carry on the feud.


People are seriously running up the price of Twinkies on Ebay? How humans survived evolutionary forces is a mystery to me. It never fails that if you can imagine something incredibly stupid, someone will have already have posted the video on youtube.


I have a lot of friends that are passionate about protecting their Second Amendment rights. Personally, I think they are trending toward paranoia bordering on the ridiculous with an infusion of bat shit to give the finish a nice acidity, but I appreciate what they are doing. Slippery slope, ever vigilant and all that.

So thanks, appreciate it.

I’ll go ahead and try to keep a lid on all the currently elected American politicians who have said repeatedly that their aim and purpose is to bring an end to Social Security and Medicare, and you can protect me from a UN based one world governmental heirarchy bent on disarming us.



I think it was Republican senator Lindsay Graham that first suggested the President send Bill Clinton to the Mideast to negotiate a peace deal. Now I see libs taking the bait.

Bubba spent most of the last year of his presidency trying to get a Mideast peace deal. I don’t think he’s going to swoop in and save the day here. And neither does Graham. They see this going badly and they want the administration tarred with anything bad that goes down vis a vis Egypt and it’s new Prime Minister.


Senator John McCain seems determined to find his way into the news cycle if he has to destroy the almost non existent credibility he still had. Think about it, this guy can not refrain from giving the President a daily lecture, veins popping from his head to cool a brain that is ready to boil over with……..sternness. He has such certitude, even though a quick recap of very recent history demonstrates he is always proven wrong. He’s increasingly just a complete gasbag that failed to recognize his time on the stage had long passed.


2 Responses to “More Unpopped Kernels”

  1. evie dieck November 21, 2012 at 2:54 pm #

    Love crunching on all these old maids, Lar.
    Hydrofracking? Come on, aquifer drying up and we’re gonna waste water retrieving fossil fuels? And taint it with chemicals?? Heaven help us, I’m starting a movement to put up a wall around the Great Lakes—we’re gonna need to keep the water thieves out.
    Don’t FRACK with our water!

    • Larry Kuran November 21, 2012 at 3:48 pm #

      If you see the Nestle’s trucks coming up 41, you’ll know you’re in trouble. The whole water wars thing is fraught. These are huge decisions that are being made without the consent of the governed. Wall to wall coverage of Trump’s latest tweet while they suck the future from under our feet.

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