Three Days Out

9 Nov

Been watching Fox News for a couple of days to see how the results of the election settle in. Three days out they seem to have settled on an analysis of their political situation; They have Obama cornered, right where they want him. Caught between the fiscal cliff and another vote on the debt ceiling. They believe his only viable option as leader of the free world, recently reaffirmed by a majority of voters in an election that was widely discussed and participated in…is to accept and implement the policies of the guy whose ass he just kicked.

Speaking of Mitt’s ass being kicked, let’s all just pause and savor that image for a moment…..ah. that felt good!

Mitt, this is for that troubled kid in prep school you bullied, that kid who you got your friends to pin down, that kid whose hair you cut with a scissors while he pleaded for your mercy and compassion. You’ve had a lifetime to take ownership for that act, not only in private, but in public, like some of your friends did as they tried to cope with the guilt over that terrible act of bullying.

You’ve never addressed it, and you never will because deep down you are still the same prep school prick you were then.

So they’ve got the President right where they want him? I can see there are more asses that will need kicked in 2014. No problem. That job will get done.

So far the Republicans appear to have learned anything. So hear’s my prediction, more or less; they won’t, not now, maybe not ever.

They say California is always five years ahead of the rest of the country…………

……………and for all intents California has no funtioning Republican Party. They can’t elect a dog catcher, as the old saw goes. By the way, if you live in a community that has the dog catcher position on your ballot, message me, I’d love to hear about your town.

So the House of Representatives has an approval rating somewhere south of the Taliban and north of herpes, and they have the President cornered? Cry me a river. Speaker Boner, I’d suggest padding your ass for what’s to come.


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