The Rockit Blog

9 Nov

I suppose I should start with some sort of mission statement here. What is the reason for starting a blog? Well, I have the time, the internet connections, too many opinions and writing is a buzz of it’s own. There are plenty of social media outlets that could garner my bloviations more attention from the world, but I have sharp elbows and hate to inflict my opinions on those with more sensitivities to ideas.

I don’t mind being wrong. I’ve been wrong quite a bit in my life and I’m still here and relatively speaking, happy. I don’t mind when people point out that I’m wrong, but I reserve the right to disagree with you. I don’t take things like that personally. I’m pretty secure in that if I make a mistake, I’ll own it and move on. It’s important for me to keep open to change, learning, growth and all that good stuff. OK, blah blah blah, this is getting trite.

I guess it comes down to I’m here at WordPress inviting you to read my mind. And in return I’ll attempt to refrain from being chronically over opinionated on media people use to share family photos. Sounds like a fair deal to me.

One word of warning; you will have to suffer with my sense of humor if you show up here. I do make people laugh, it’s something I enjoy doing, but I crack myself up even more, so beware.


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