General Disarray

9 Nov

Hot on the story of the Genera David Petraeus sex scandal, as it rolls into Paula Broadwell, his biographer and close personal friend who is being investigated by the FBI for potential national security breaches. Holy crap, tall about hero to goat.

Although when you think about it, Dave Petraeus has kind of skated with a lot of props on Iraq, when nothing was really solved and the situation there deteriorates, and Afghanistan, where the “surge” just flat did not work. Counterinsurgency tactics don’t work there. Nothing works there.

Then off to CIA to preside over it’s assumption of many things that previously would have required DoD involvement, like drone strinking American citizens (albeit radicals that I would gladly cap myself….so far).

And Benghazi, which although the CIA will take it’s lumps, I don’t think is fair to put on them.

Holy Crap. King David goes down hard!


4 Responses to “General Disarray”

  1. Pruitt November 10, 2012 at 6:04 am #

    Seems to me that Petraeus was held up as a hero because he came back from Iraq not smelling quite as badly as everyone else. The media jumped on the narrative that he was a great hero for doing what exactly? No offense, but some of your country’s most recent military heroes – Colin Powell, David Petreus – have proven themselves to be men of little or no character. But hey, nice to know that his wife will soon be on the market.

    • Larry Kuran November 10, 2012 at 4:13 pm #

      You’ve seen Holly Petraeus? Stay away from my grandma dude~ Seriously I can’t really argue with you. I want the guy to be a hero, but maybe that’s my problem not his. He was a great soldier in the sense that his contributions to the army, like rewriting the counterinsurgency manual, will save some young men’s lives in the future. Shoes will be dropping on this one. But i agree, if you take an unbiased look at results in Iraq and Afghanistan, the takeaway is that it could have been worse, that’s the best spin you can put on it.

      • Pruitt November 14, 2012 at 4:44 pm #

        Guy runs the CIA yet e-mails his mistress on a GMail account? Are his covert peratives posting on Twitter as “@americanspy” and “@worksforcia”?

  2. Larry Kuran November 14, 2012 at 6:21 pm #

    Yes they do, but silly is part of the espionage game, If he was doing this while in the military it’s a breach of the code of conduct, but as CIA director he was just a civilain doing what men do. (Not me honey,) The blackmail angle is dumb. You try that, he fesses to his wife. This isn’t 1959. Well,for most of us. He just had nothing to hide. He openly travelled the world with this woman, they spent a lot of time alone and clearly his wife didn’t seem to have a problem at the time. I guess he assumed he had a right to his privacy. I really think the real story is going to be this Jill Kelley, who now appears to be some kind of buff/wacko claiming to be a diplomant and having email sex with multiple parnters.

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